Who are you if the whole world left you?
What do you like to do when no one is watching?
What would you do with your life if you didn’t have to prove anything to anyone?

I thought of these questions when I was sitting on a bench by myself at the park watching the world go by. It was a pleasant sight when no one was using their phone. Everyone was just enjoying the moment. A dad was playing with his kids. A guy was walking his dog. Two ladies were chatting with each other.

Often times our intentions behind what we do are not driven by our true desires, and that is why we don’t feel happy. You don’t have to prove to the world what you are doing. You can simply live.

Life in Four Lines

We were getting old

Chasing gold

Stories are told

Heart is sold

It Took Me 8 Years to Self Refer to Therapy

Today I had my first call with a therapist in 8 years. It took a great deal of pride and courage to self refer to the psychological service, considering I studied Psychology for four years. I cannot count how many…

A friend once asked, “Did you ever ask yourself if it is worth it?” I never truly asked myself that question because I would never receive an answer. The truth is nobody knows. The life I am living is the only one I know. I never found out the life I did not choose because I never lived it. Regrets are the enemies of presence. Don’t give them a chance of sneaking in your brain. Instead of asking “do you regret it?”, ask “what do you want to do with the life you chose?”


As a living creature

Death is a feature

A silent teacher

Sweet Trouble

Trauma Survivor, Scoliosis Warrior, Spinal Fusion, Photographer, Writer

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